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Startup’s of the future to keep an eye on


New interesting companies and forward-thinking ideas are emerging every day. From different channels I get news and insights on new and promising startups. And right how there is a lot of cool stuff going on. So much that I thought I would make a little list of startup’s to keep an eye on.

So here goes.


Gravity (UK)

British tech start-up Gravity has invented, built and filed patents for an exoskeleton jet-engine suit that propels humans through the air. Launched in March 2017, the Daedalus suit marks a new category in aviation technology.


Creoqode (UK)

Nova is a build-your-own AI robot kit from British tech start-up Creoqode that teaches engineering concepts including computer vision, image processing and control theory. The company exceeded its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter, and Nova will ship in May 2018 for £139 ($182).


Mobike (ASIA)

Chinese dockless bike-sharing start-up Mobike allows users to rent Internet of Things-enabled bicycles for a tiny fee of $0.07 per 30 minutes. Users unlock them by scanning a QR code on the bike with the app, and can leave them wherever they like.


Filld (USA)

Californian start-up Filld allows customers to have fuel delivered on-demand, in a time slot and location of their choice. Geo-locative and concierge-based customers need not identity the location or even unlock the fuel cap themselves.


Roli (UK)

Redefining the way we make music, Roli has developed two products that use tactility and light to provide a new interface for creating sound. The latest product, Blocks, was launched at CES 2017.


Zero Fat (UK)

A breakthrough anti-ageing and weight-loss programme that incorporates infrared light therapy to boost skin collagen levels, as well as low-impact cardio that allows users to burn 800 calories in a single 45-minute session.


Rythm (EUROPE)

Rythm’s Dreem headband actively monitors, analyses and stimulates brain waves to promote deeper rest.


AeroMobil (EUROPE)

AeroMobil has introduced a limited first-edition hybrid car that also functions as a fully working plane.